Just begin at the start of this new beginning.

So Bristol, it’s really all about you this year? A decision made in the early part of last year to finally give up on my family moving from Bristol to Plymouth has resulted in a relocation plan, implementation is this summer.  Cheers guys.  Until the new year it just seemed too far in the future to begin making, let alone initiating any real plans, but no more, it’s all about you Bristol. Let the crazy begin.

What is the draw? Well for starters I have countless family members residing  there all of whom I love to spend time with, a rarity among families that I cherish, appreciate & am thankful for daily. Secondly, but most importantly, with plans firmly laid out for my eldest daughter to make her mark on Bristol for sometime now, her younger brother threatening to go in the same direction, I’m left with no other choice, I must uproot my thirteen year old from her nice cosy grammer school & dump her smack bang in to an inner city comp. We will then all embark on a new exciting chapter with new starts for us all.  Thankfully my boyfriend likes my plan & is coming along with us on this journey.

My star studded cast of a family must be introduced,well maybe not all at once, do not want to scare you away, there is just to many of them so I start with, & in no particular order of importance with my little sister Katy. Younger, much wiser & very much smaller than me I consider Katy to be stubborn, intelligent, amusing but mainly one of my best friends. This, as she does know, not dropping a bomb shell here, was not always the case. Having reached the grand old age of seven, living the only child dream, along ‘she’ came, screaming, screechy & generally stealing my thunder. Good things come in small packages, not on this occasion I will have you know. Lucky for us both this loathing subsided, no longer did I wish for bad things to happen to her & as if by accident I started to really like her.

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