This is new

Bear with me on the writing front, I’m a homeopath who has spent years using short hand, my very own brand, nothing I learnt at school, or abbreviations, full sentences when writing just don’t flow easily from this brain I’m using. To be fair I struggle at times when speaking to form complete & meaningful sentences. When I take a case I start with a blank piece of paper but ever inch of it will be filled by the end of the appointment. Top right hand corner for any remedy names that pop into my head during the consultation, top centre to record the number of times a patient sighs, this can be very relevant information to us homeopaths, bottom left for family medical history, centre left for current symptom information & so on until the page is full. I draw boxes around information to organise my scribblings, star important bits & generally make a mess on the paper. I do at a later date type things up in a more orderly manner but its not the same as writing like this.

Before I began writing my blog yesterday, yes I really am new to this, I googled ‘why write a blog?’. I’ve heard of blogs, I’ve read a few & It’s been suggested I write one a few times but I wanted to know why I would start one. It would seem there are countless reasons to write a blog, one of the main reasons being it will help improve my writing skills. Will be good then to read back in a few months on these early first postings, hopefully it won’t make my toes curl.

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