Portion control

I think a lot about food, it holds great value from a nutritional point for myself & my children. Its part of my job as a mother to feed & fuel my children properly, and as I want to live forever I do the same for myself.
I enjoy planning & preparing meals but I also love the odd days In the week I delegate cooking dinner to someone else in the house. It gives me a little free time for running, writing on here & other things I do. With the Bristol move in mind & Elliot wanting to live independently, it seems wrong to send him into the world with few skills in the kitchen. I also don’t want to inflict an untrained male on the world, I’ve meet them, they suck. The girls also take their turn in the kitchen & Ian makes a mean stew.
The hustle & bustle of laying the table for dinner, arguments over the wrong cutlery, yes there can be wrong cutlery! Who’s making drinks? Who sits where at the table? With us all having different day time routines, dinner is the only meal we all eat together, it’s a time to share, sometimes there’s raised voices, always lots of laughter & your pretty much guaranteed an inappropriate topic of conversation or two. To me it’s an important time of day, a social occasion, I find it comforting to have my brood around me. As my children have grown up & continue to do so the amount of time I get with them shortens, making me appreciative of these occasions.

I know not all family’s eat meals around a table together, what’s your experience of this as a child & now?

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