Just trying to do my bit

To reuse & recycle is hard wired into my brain now to a point that the only new items I buy are underwear, wasn’t sure I needed to say that but don’t want you thinking I scour charity shops for undies or that I knit them. A set of hand knitted underwear featured in a movie a few years back, the character that had made these delightful items went on to kill quite a few innocent people, not a path I want to follow. Oh & food of course, isn’t second hand food someones leftovers!

An empty glass food jar becomes new storage space for herbs or tea bags, on old tea towel gets demoted to a floor cloth. On a visit to a friends bathroom I learnt that her old cotton breast pads had become reusable cotton pads, genius. I later looked on ebay to acquire some of my own, I had for sometime thought cotton pads wasteful as they get thrown away & been looking for an alternative.  When It seemed to be taking along time for my items to arrive I checked the delivery date on ebay. Whilst trying be conscientious to not being part of a throw away society I’d increased my carbon foot print ten fold & more. My new breast pads, aka cotton make up removing pads were coming from China! Dam, will have to plant a few trees & change my ebay settings.

Anyone else made this mistake?

I’m always looking for new ways to reuse & recycle so welcome all your ideas.


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