What to do with coconut oil?

I urge you to cover yourself, immerse yourself & your life in it of course. It’s really quite brilliant stuff with so many diverse & unthinkable uses, It’s a must stock, in bulk item for every home.

So what do I do with it? Like many I set out just cooking with coconut oil using it instead of olive oil, melting it in a baking tray then coating whatever I was roasting, letting it’s subtle coconut flavour impregnate the food. Deliciously Ella uses a lot of it in her recipes, seems to be in place of butter.
But it’s so much more versatile in cookery than just a replacement for oil & butter. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil to your favorite smoothie recipe and increase your energy with the oil’s MCT’s. You can even add it to your morning coffee for an extra energy boost of the more natural variety.

I make body scrubs, lip balms & moisturisers using it as a main ingredient. When melted with bees wax it’s perfect for massaging into wooden furniture, seeing it give the wood new life, bring out the grain & giving a beautiful shine. For a deep conditioner on your hair, grab a blob, let it melt a little in your hand a run through your hair. It’s best left on over night so a towel on your pillow is advised. Use it as a cleanser, to remove make up including stubborn eye make up.
I use coconut oil as a base for a few homemade products I use myself everyday. A whipped exfoliating body scrub with only three ingredients – coconut oil, essential oil & sugar. It’s also the main ingredient in my multi purpose moisturiser/lip balm/cleanser so I no longer buy moisturiser or cleanser thanks to coconut oil.

Have you let coconut oil into your life?
How do you use it?
I would love new ideas or tips on other ways I could be using this wonderful product.

One thought on “What to do with coconut oil?

  1. Louise Rossiter says:

    I use it on my daughter when her eczema is bad and really itchy. Although a parent ly ours doesn’t smell as nice as the one we used before…


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