Lady Bird Emporium

Last Saturday I opened kitty’s curtains then blind to be greeted by lots of lady birds. Kittys room is smallish with a fairly small window yet I counted fifteen of the little red bugs in just the window area. I thought perhaps an escape route was needed so opened the window, not a single one made a bid for freedom. I wondered if it was a window thing so checked around the rest of the house. Apart from one on the outside of kitty’s door & one on the landing just near her room, not another lady bird was to be seen.

We discussed the weirdness of the situation with kitty coming up with the possibility that she’s becoming the lady bird whisperer! Thankfully kitty isn’t really bothered by the red winged bugs, good job as there’s still eight in residence, nestled up in the corner of the window.

Anyone else taking up lady bird whispering?

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