Biology Is Not Important

Right out of the blue, a scant, inadequate & if I am to be brutally honest, poorly constructed letter arrives at my parents current address of over ten years. Not even secretly keeping a track of my life then. 

Are you testing the water, that is a bit lame, why not write to me? I’m no longer a child, that passed by more than twenty years ago now. I am forty two you know! 

I am sorry to hear your wife died & your son before her, or am I? It is of course very sad when people die but I did not know them & I don’t know you.  I am forty three in a minute, you might recall.

What is going on, you having a rethink?

How old are you, what do you look like, what is your world view, what do you do, where are your other children? I did not think about these things till your letter & nor did I care. I don’t know your birthday, I am forty fucking two. You do not know me & I am pretty brilliant, you really did miss out.   Why now, what you hoping for, why, why, why? Why have you gate crashed my life, you have made me cross, you don’t have that right, we could pass each other on the street without a hint of recognition, now that is telling.

Thanks for reading

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