Stitch N Bitch Turns To Book Art

  Our weekly Stitchin N Bitchin meetings often result in other creative crafts getting involved. For example, Emma Pearce of Love Bobbins is highly creative with upholstery specialising in lampshades. Donna is a chef at River Cottage so often surprises us with delights from the kitchen. I like to go off topic at times as have to admit to having a very short attention span, likened to that of a gnat, I prefer a quicker production level which isn’t achieved with knitting. Tonight I’m going to have a go at producing some book art. I’m aiming for a love heart, will post a photo of my efforts later or not. 

Anyone else got any craft ideas or had a go at book art? Would love to hear from you. 

Here’s my effort from tonight’s first attempt. 



2 thoughts on “Stitch N Bitch Turns To Book Art

  1. Debs says:

    I love the results with book art, i tried it once and epically failed! Now i’ll just stand back and admire from afar lol
    I’ve just re-covered a parasol… not something I expected could be done!

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