Vegan Beauty Products 

Here are two products from my vegan range of handmade beauty products. 

The Lemon Whipped Body Balm is packed with all natural ingredients including the much over looked vitamin E oil that acts as a deeply nourishing skin treatment as well as an antioxidant. The lemon essential oil gives a fresh smell but is best known for its ability to cleanse toxins from any part of the body, it’s also widely used to stimulate lymph drainage & rejuvenate energy. £12 120ml

The other product is labelled cleanser/toner but does so much more, it truly is a multi purpose miracle that I have to say is my favourite. I use it to clean away makeup, as a night oil, as an anytime of day moisture boast & I even use it to tame my sometimes frizzy hair & unruly eye brows. With the main ingredient sweet almond oil with it’s high vitamin E content it’s already a winner. With its mild hypoallergenic properties it’s perfect for all skin types including sensitive. Sweet almond oil protects against uv damage plus slows down damage already done & even renews the cells of facial skin. With added essential oils of lavender which increases circulation & geranium with its amazing ability to reduce inflammation this oil is a must. £8 100ml
For more information find me on Facebook at Bristolmade or email me at

Lisa xx

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