100% Natural Skincare?

The days are now long gone when choosing toxic free/earth friendly beauty products means sacrificing effectiveness or curbing appeal. Plant-based beauty products don’t just compete with the rest of the market—they are demanded by the masses and are often even more effective, thanks to super food ingredients that do wonders for our complexions, as well as fewer chemicals, which can be drying and cause wear on skin.

But now that toxic free beauty is hotter than ever, it’s important to be wary of products that appear to be good for the planet but actually aren’t. For example, did you know that the term “natural” is completely unregulated by the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency(MHRA) U.K. and the Food & Drugs Administration(FDA) U.S.A.? Any company can use the word ‘natural’ on a label, even if the product in question is full of synthetic chemicals—think about ingredients like petroleum, while potentially harmful, are technically natural. While the term isn’t regulated at all, not all products with the word “natural” on their labels are frauds. Here at Bristolmade we stick to only using the ingredients we know to be truly ‘100% natural’ after educating myself on the contents of my old beauty products. Your best bet is to start checking the ingredients listed on your products, remembering that they’re listed from highest percentage to lowest.

Your quest for toxic free/green living can be confusing at times, the scientific names of some naturally occurring ingredients might sound synthetic. Sodium chloride is plain old sea salt, for example, and citric acid is a compound found in lemons and other citrus fruits. With a little research, time and practice you will get the hang it, I did & I am now 100% sure of what is truly 100% natural.

I would love to hear how you have found your journey to toxic free/green skincare, all tips gratefully received.

Lisa X

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