What’s making your shampoo get in a lather?

It’s an inexpensive chemical detergent called sodium lauryl sulfate that’s added to give the unnecessary lathering experience so many people expect from their shampoo, body wash or soap etc. But do you know it’s not cleaning you it’s added purely to satisfy consumer demand?

I’ll abbreviate sodium lauryl sulfate to SLS from here. So do you know what it can do to your body?
Studies indicate that using SLS on the bodies largest organ, your skin, can leave residue on your heart, lungs and brain. This means some of it never leaves the body causing a build up of cancer causing chemicals inside you.

SLS is one of the most worrying ingredients you will find harbouring in beauty products. People absorb SLS with its cancer causing impurities (even though it’s allowed to be labelled ‘natural’ on packaging) into their body and then wash them down the drain.

Did you know the above, any thoughts?

Lisa xx