Lovely Bits

Just picked up a few bits from my local & amazing family run shop. Sweet Mart on St Marks Road, Easton is traveled to from all over, people stock up on its delightful, often not to be found anywhere else items. A visit to the Sweet Mart is one of my day’s highs. 

Any other food shopping experiences you want to share?

From a while back in Plymouth 

I didn’t really finish this post but didn’t want to delete it, so here it is. 

As you know, I spend a fair amount of my time traveling the streets & hills of Plymouth by bike & on foot visiting those in need of my alternative healing. This time is my thinking time, I use it well but often have random trains of thought. I allow them, they make me chuckle & I feel the odd random day dream or thought process doesn’t make me mad?

There’s a plant in my bedroom that only ever gets watered with dregs from coffee cups, it’s doing really well, I wonder if other people do the same thing & how their plants thrive? 

Why do people with so called ‘high powered jobs’ talk in social situations about how fabulous their work is, how well they’re performing  when behind closed doors, they hate the job & are having counselling?

Why is there a house where the Christmas decorations are permanently up? 

I pass some lovely established lavender bushes on my travels, I always grab some resulting in most of my pockets containing either fresh, dried or even washed lavender. Don’t the owners use it, is it just me?

Share your random thoughts please. 

Fairly Productive Day

A combination of different kinds of productivity has been the order of the day. 

An early start due to a snoring boyfriend meant I’ve finally made an order for essential oils I have been needing for sometime. They are to go into my new all over body moisturiser I’ve been perfecting. It took five attempts at different recipes but got there in the end. They should arrive tomorrow so thank you to Essential Oils Direct for your speedy delivery service. 

I finally got round to checking my bank account with the proceeds from the sale of my house in to find I’d given one of the kids bank details. They had been pretty rich for a few days there! All where it should be now & very nice to look at the balance, makes all the stress worth it. 
Next a power walk over to Gloucester Road for a Pilates class with my sister. I thought the walk was enough. Wow, can feel it this evening. It’s been a long time since I’ve done Pilates, it reminded me how much I love it & I know from the past how much it strengthens me both mentally and physically. It’s an hour well spent with focus purely on myself, posture, muscles & breathing, just what my brain needs a few times a week after the past few months of having a very hectic head space. 

Coffee with a friend which was a lovely chance to catch up on each other’s lives.

A trundle into town to do a few necessary bits n bobs but most importantly some glorious falafel’s from St Nicolas market. 

Now home again & having checked my Jawbone walking monitor thing it seems I’ve walked more than 12 miles. 

A well earned feet up session for me now. 


Photo walk to work

I’m sharing my walk to work in the form of photos. Try it, gives you an opportunity to really take in your surroundings which many people don’t when walking to & from work each day. Today was the first time since Saturday afternoon that it wasn’t raining so a great walk in the sun. 

I didn’t start taking photos as soon as I left the house as bumped into a friend on her way to work but you’ll get the idea. 

You Bristol folk will know this route well or you ought to. Hope you enjoy.