Good Things, Not So Good Things, All Experiences To Be Felt. 

Cars in the cycle lane, vans pulling into the middle of the road so I have to pull up hard & all in the space of 100m. I’m on my bike!
Being anaemic is a struggle, it makes me rather cross at times, I am constantly putting iron rich food in my body plus I take ferraglobin. I’d expect to be anaemic if my diet was rustlers burgers washed down with a fizzy drink.
Hearing my son Elliot cough so hard I’m sure his lung must be trying to launch it’s self from his chest,  It’s to early for that, it’s 7am
Not received a morning text from 
my boyfriend as yet, is he to busy?
My best friends text at 7:30 asking if I want to go for a run, it’s not in the wrong category, yes this is good & makes me happy. 
Not needing a coat all day everyday now the temperature is rising, it’s light for longer, I can feel summer rushing towards me. Not that I don’t normally, but this summer I will submerge myself in Plymouth fully. It’s our last summer living here so I’ve a bucket list to work on. Beach trips, yurt stay & a river cruise. 
Going to Skype my big girl today, she’s doing the London thing now. Miss her face, can’t wait to see her on my screen. 
Having the willpower not to attack the spot that’s been taking over my chin for two full days now. This is truly a very good thing, ordinarily I would have got a spade & had dig around on an hourly basis. 
Made more of my own laundry power again this morning. I consider this to be part of my creative outlet, I can’t draw or paint but a can make these ‘hippy’ chemical avoiding concoctions for my family. The soap I used today was blue so it’s given my powder a beautiful blue swirling affect. 
Just a few things I’ve experienced, want to, or am experiencing. 
Would love to hear your thoughts on experiences of all kinds. 
I’ve used the word experience to much, I’m off for some other experience now.