Sights of Plymouth-is every city the same?

As I ride my bicycle, walk or run the streets of Plymouth, which is a daily  occurrence, it dazzles me with delights & disgustes me with its not such delightful sights at alternating intervals. 

A steep up hill walk brings the sweet floral aroma of an old fashioned Rose bush, not sure of the correct name but it’s the name my Grandma uses. This rose occupies the entire front garden of a small terrace house, I’m aware of the bush from its sent before I see it & its powerfully evocative perfume stays with me to the top of the hill. A sensory delight. 

As often happens due to desperate need for newer, more robust bike, I’ve had to stop & turn my bike upside down. So long as it’s not raining this is a task I find amusing with the reminder of being ten years old again. While realigning my chain I’m approached by a guy who asks “Is there anywhere near by that I can get changed?”. This is when I notice the massive slug of snot traveling down toward his mouth. ” No, I’m sorry I don’t ” I replied, thinking perhaps of a near by public toilet I could suggest. He shows me the  bag he is carrying then says ” Oh, ok, I need to go somewhere to get my adult nappy changed”. I can see the over sized nappy now, I’m speechless, with no idea how to help him, so while still wrestling with my bike chain I advise him to go to the near by old peoples home, my thought being that some of the residents must wear nappies. He quickly walks off, I’m left thinking that probably wasn’t the best or most helpful of suggestions but was the first thing that came to mind. I relayed this incident to a friend in the mental health care sector who suggested, yuck, he probably did it for kicks! 

A few Vote Ukip posters, a reflection of  disillusioned poor people?

Our streets are paved with shit. First a fresh dog poo, then one in a bag just left on a wall, but the poo in a bag that’s been trodden on, releasing the poo, that’s the one I find the most disturbing. Its not going to wash away in the next down pour, poo & plastic bag squashed repeatedly  into the pavement is going to stick around for a while. Is it just me or does anyone else feel they can almost taste poo when they walk around, near or past it? If you can’t pick up & dispose of your dogs poo properly, don’t have a shitting dog. 

I round a corner to be greeted by the biggest builders bum ever. I’m unsure if it belongs to a male or female & I don’t want to find out. Before they finish sweeping up the steep steps at the front of there house I averted my gaze & pick up the pace. 

There is a house I pass a lot that never fails to make me smile. Some years back the people living there put up some very over the top, flamboyant & obviously tacky Christmas decorations. Well, they never came down! They are at times even tweaked, at Easter I observed the wreath on the front door had been adonded with masses of eggs. Who knew there was such a thing as an Easter wreath? Truly a thing of beauty. 

There are definitely a few spots around Plymouth that have a distinct aroma to them, little  pockets of odourus delight, the unmistakable smell of budding weed.  I love the smell, evocative of days getting less than nothing done but a giggling stagger to the sweet shop. Is no one else aware or noticing the overpowering smell?  Is it just being ignored by the bobbies on the beat or do they think it’s sage?

Just a few gems from Plymouth, but what do you see on your travels around your city?

Wreck This Journal On Our Run


What do I do? One of my activities is running, I do this with one of my very best friends Sarah Saunders. We run regularly but have had to build up our time & distance very slowly, due to Sarah’s “Spacky legs”, despite this unique injury we are both very pleased with what is now an all time personal best for Sarah. Today we ran none stop for 30 mins covering 2.72 miles. Not exactly a marathon I know. Do you run? Oh no I hear you say, then back off or join us.

The picture above is from my Wreck This Journal. If your not familiar with Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith it’s just brilliant, a collection of alternative suggestions for each page. A page for four letter words, find a way to wear this journal & the page pictured above. Today this came on our run. I’d thought about photographing myself throwing it into the sea, sadly the light wasn’t right & would have been a blurry photo due to running. I then thought I’d give it to a stranger but the only other person we saw on the way back was another runner, I wasn’t about to interrupt their run with handing over the page of a book. So it came to the end of our journey with us, it wasn’t as interesting a loss of the page as I’d hoped but lost it I have. Wonder what the returning car owner will think?

Anyone else working on Wrecking a Journal, how’s it going? Do tell.