Skin food

It has been a long journey perfecting my body balm with numerous recipes tried, tweaked & failed to finally settle on my perfect recipe.
I love feeding my skin with all the natural, vegan & cruelty free ingredients & the added essential oil leaves a subtle lemon fragrance that is clean & fresh. Cocoa butter & shea butter nourish my skin without leaving it oily. Vitamin E oil with its anti oxidant properties & anti inflammatory benefits is the jewel in the crown of my recipe. Vitamin E is also the natural preservative in my product which means there is no need for other chemical preservatives, something I feel very strongly about. My skin & yours is our largest organ, I want to look after & feed it only goodness.

What are you using on your skin & what ingredients do you rate?

Lisa xx

Vegan cruelty free beauty products 

I’m vegan & want my skin to be vegan to,  with this in mind I’m busy expanding my Bristolmade vegan beauty range. 

One of my most popular products is my lemon whipped body balm but what other essential oils would people like in their balms? 

I’d love to hear your preferences for essential oils & the products you like them in. 
Look forward to hearing from you. 

Lisa xx